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Akureyri: Cosy Town 0

Akureyri: Cosy Town

It’s always interesting to find people who blog about my town. Simon Turner is an Englishman who lives in Reykjavik and during his visit up north he took some wonderful photographs of my little town that you should take a look at. His blog post is at:

North Iceland – Local gourmet 0

North Iceland – Local gourmet

This video was published today. It shows an interesting view of the local food that we usually just call home food but is seen from a foreigners perspective. I’m really proud of it, especially my uncle the bacalao expert who makes the best salted fish in the world. (biased but true). Inspired by Iceland – Tom Sellers from Inspired By Iceland on Vimeo.

blek 0


Work projects started with a bang this year. I had planned to be an evening-type blogger this year but almost immediately in January I found myself over and over again working the job folders in my comp when the little lads were in bed. It’s really not a good idea. I run a design studio in Akureyri along with my friend Gudrun. She’s an amazing designer...

notknot 0


Have you ever felt a strong desire and longing for cushions? No, not really? Then you haven’t seen the notknot cushions by Ragnheidur Ösp / Umemi. They are just adorable little wool-warmers, weaved together to form well known knots and make any sofa look good. And they are hot, you can’t really open a design magazine these days without bumping into them (thank god they’re soft)...